I paid for Full Access before, what happened to that feature?

Full Access has been replaced by the one-time flexible amount payment to download all albums and singles available. If your full access code is still valid, you can visit this page and enter your access code to download all albums and singles released by Imphenzia. So, it's like what you had before, it just looks different and you can't renew full access.

Where is the tutorials section?

Tutorials have been removed from the site but they are still available in my YouTube channel.

Can I listen/stream to all your tracks like before?

No, for a period of 5 years I allowed full-length high quality streaming of all my tracks for free. Now you can preview clips from all tracks albums and singles on the music page. If you use the payment option to pay an amount that you feel is appropriate you get to download all the music.

If I pay to download your music, what do I get?

You get all my digital albums and singles as downloadable archives. Within each archive are high quality 320kbps MP3 files along with jewel-case and on-disc artwork if you want to write the music to CD-recordables.

Are these really frequently asked questions?

No. I'm only guessing what questions may come as the result of the new site design =)